Interactive advent calendar

I developed an interactive advent calendar for Loppen, a collectively driven music venue located in Christiania, Copenhagen. Established in 1973 Loppen is one of the oldest music venues in Northern Europe. The aim of the project was to tell some of the stories that inhibits the place through the volunteers that drive it.

The calendar is comprised of a large mosaic I designed for the purpose. In the center is the logo of the venue, a flea, comprised of photographs collected from venue’s archives together with photographs I myself have taken. This is surrounded by a quite a few of the monthly flyers on which venues program is printed. You can zoom all the way in and find names as Beck, Interpol, Swans, The National and Smashing Pumpkins, who all played the venue. You will also, when you zoom in, find the numbers 1-24. I made portraits of all the volunteers, while Line, the venues PR manager, collected the stories. Behind each number you will find a portrait and a story. The calendar was used as part of the venues marketing efforts on social media.



Morten Aagaard Krogh / concept development, photography, graphic design

Ejvind Chang / programming

Line Poulsen / project manager, collecting and writing stories